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Epoxy hars

Two-component liquid Epoxy (liquid + hardener) for the imbedding of hard to very hard specimens. Depending on the used hardener, XH40 or XH45, different time and hardening

Specific characteristics XH40
- viscosity at 25°C: 400 ~ 500mPa.s
- mixing by weight ratio: 100 / 13
- hardening time at 25°C: ± 12 hours
- exothermic peak: 75°C
- hardness shore D after hardening: 75
- transparent
- virtually no shrinkage
- very good adhesion
- very good resistance to abrasion
- can be used for the impregnation under vacuum
- very good for grinding and polishing
- refractive index: 1.57
- low viscosity, suitable for embedding in a vacuum

Specific characteristics AKA-Epoxy
- can be mixed with either the Aka-Cure Slow or Aka-Cure Quick hardener, depending on the requirements.
- both have very good adhesion to the sample, which helps to provide the best possible edge retention.
- can also be used for vacuum impregnation of fragile and porous samples like ceramics and plasma spray coatings.
- epoxy resin and hardeners available separately, not as a kit, to make it easy to use either hardener with the resin.
- epoxies require good precision when mixing the two components. It can be measured by volume, but weighing is much more precise and the recommended method.
- ship with 2 reusable mixing cups and 25 wooden mixing pins for easy mixing the resin.

Aka-Cure, Slow
- mixing ratio: 100 g of resin for 12 g of Aka-Cure Slow or 100 parts of resin for 13.5 parts of Aka-Cure Slow.
- curing time: 8~24 hours @ 20°C.
- long pot life and low peak temperature, suitable for both vacuum impregnation and mounting of heat sensitive samples.
- not suitable for large mounts due to excessive exothermal reaction.
- very limited shrinkage.

Aka-Cure, Quick
- mixing ratio: 100 g of resin for 26.3 g of Aka-Cure Quick or 100 parts of resin for 30 parts of Aka-Cure Quick.
- curing time
 * solution 1: 30 min when heated to 80°C with peak temperatures up to 200°C.
 * solution 2: very large mounts can be made using a 2 cycle curing schedule. First the mount is cured without heating in 8 hours, followed by a 1 h cycle @ 100°C.
- for very hard, transparent mounts (without vacuum).
- limited shrinkage.

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